"What do you do?"

Over the years I've been referred to as:  an acting coach,
life coach, business coach, peak performance coach,
real estate coach, relationship coach...and most recently,
Forbes referred to me as a "Communications Expert." 

Make Dreams Come True

I used to joke around with my friends when they would call me on the phone.  They would ask: 

"Whatcha up to?"     

And I would reply,  

"Oh, just making dreams come true."     

Then we would chuckle and talk about why they called. 

Then, one day my best friend Jeff commented after his "whatcha" inquiry and referring to my "making dreams come true" reply exclaimed:

"That's actually true Walker!  You DO make dreams come true!"

He was right.  It sounds so corny when I say it out-loud as a non-joke.  But, nevertheless, I guess it is probably pretty accurate.  For the past 10 years people have told me their biggest dreams and for a majority of the people those dreams came true as we started working together. 

Some of those dreams included, but aren't limited to: becoming movie stars, making millions of dollars in net profit as real estate agents, being cast in a first broadway show or tour, becoming a successful entrepreneur, winning a national sports event, getting into major colleges etc.   

It's funny because the tagline I've been using since the beginning of my coaching career has been, "Don't Dream. Act."  So as not to sound contradictory, that tagline is a play on words.  It's really about working with me and dreams turn into reality.  


If you're interested in turning your dreams into reality no matter what the endeavor, I'd be happy to talk about whether it makes sense for us to work together.  


We talk. You act. Something shifts. Your life transforms.
— Walker Clark