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...[these two stars] got an early start under the tutelage of Walker Clark, who works with television, movie and Broadway actors.
— The Wall Street Journal
Clark is a highly sought-after performance coach known as a leader-creator for his unique style of coaching.
— Forbes
They both credit Performance Coach, Walker Clark, for helping them break the impasse.”
— The San Diego Tribune
Enter Performance Coach Walker Clark. With new perspective and a deep, trust, Clark was able to share new vantage points to bridge mother and son.”
— San Diego Jewish World



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We talk. Something shifts. You act. Your life transforms.
— Walker Clark

Over the years I've been referred to as:  an acting coach, acting teacher, life coach, business coach, business consultant, peak performance coach, real estate coach, trainer, sales trainer, relationship coach...Forbes recently referred to me as a "Communications Expert"  and a “Leader-Creator.” My title isn’t important. I think the term “coach” is familiar to people and therefore makes sense to them and that’s fine. However, I don’t think “coach” is an accurate description of me nor is “coaching” accurate as to the thing I do with people. I’m not a “certified coach” under any global organization for many reasons. That is by choice. I’m driven to increase output and performance and test the limits of human potential via various modalities. I’m certified as a Buteyko Breathing Practitioner and a Hypnotist. The most important modality for me though, is based on what I developed teaching actors. I think a term that now encompasses more of who I am and what I do is engineer.

I am an engineer.


An engineer, (utilizing the second definition in Merriam Webster’s dictionary), is someone who skillfully or artfully arranges for an event or situation to occur. In my case, I arrange for transformative situations and events to occur. I arrange for breakthroughs to occur. I arrange for people to get at what they don’t know that they don’t know, and in doing so, possibilities for new ways of being and acting in the world reveal themselves. Then, I support them in taking action based on the new information.

 I have mastered creating an environment for individuals and teams that leaves them engaging with the world, others and themselves with freedom and ease as their natural self-expression.  I have worked with and continue to work with executives and teams and performers in various industries some of which include: engineering, financial services, real estate, NFL, MLB, famous actors and actresses, corporate security, research labs and more.

I am a graduate of Duke University and The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. I have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and am showcased in WAIT: The Art & Science of Delay by Frank Partnoy. 

If you're interested in turning your dreams into reality no matter what the endeavor, I'd be happy to talk about whether it makes sense for us to work together.  Email me: walker@walkerclarkcoaching.com

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You are freakin' smart. You are talented and full of potential energy and you are itching to turn it into kinetic. You know there is power in you and you are seeking some sort of almost unexplainable "thing" to pull it out of you...or at least to help you discover it.     

You might be an actor. You might be a CEO. You might be an entrepreneur. You might be a professional athlete. You might be on the verge of any of these and seeking someone to guide you and to ignite and initiate the next steps in the revealing of your true potential.    

You might be 15 years old. You might be 50. No matter the age, you know with the right guidance, 

you could be legendary.

Email me if this is you: walker@walkerclarkcoaching.com

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1 year

Annual Coaching Agreement $100,000 - $150,000
(life/business/personal development) 

I coach dedicated and powerful people one-on-one for a year at a time. This model is what I have found to be the most effective in achieving success and exponential growth. *No current spots available to work with me one-on-one at this time. However, contracts come up throughout the year and if you would like to be considered for a chance to work together, please email me at walker@walkerclarkcoaching.com.


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VIP Workshops

I am available to speak with audiences worldwide about how to live an authentic life and reach impossible goals. Recent workshops have been in New York City, Singapore, Australia, and San Diego. Currently there are no drop-in workshops available, please contact me for more.